I periodically give throwing classes to both adults and children. I have 5 wheels. The classes are small with lots of individual attention. We fire cone 6 electric and all levels are welcome in all classes. I send out an e-mail about two weeks before I will run a session. If you would like to be on that e-mail list please send me your contact information and I will put you on the list.


Adult classes are 8 weeks, once a week.

--2.5 hours long.

 -200.00 in including firing and glazing.


Kids classes are 6 weeks, once a week.

-ages 5-11.

-1 hour long, all hand building.

-130.00 including glaze and firing.


I give private classes as well and would be open to scheduling a class if you wanted to organize 5 friends to all learn together.

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