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Growing up, I was captivated by a cluttered, object rich environment. My parents were passionate collectors of antiques, furniture, prints, old tools, and pottery. They all contributed to the making of a warm, texture rich atmosphere. The tools were of special interest to me. Worn with use and purpose, these objects had a weight, a balance and an imagined story that I was drawn to. All of these objects connected me to other worlds making my world larger.


Central to my work is the desire to communicate a strong sense of muscular physicality, harmony and a quiet beauty which reveals itself slowly. I am interested in the subtle changes in form that happen over time, a slightly different angle, a lowering of volume, or an addition of an appendage. These nuanced variations give rise to the evolution of form.


Subjecting my work to the irregularities of the wood kiln yields a surface that suggests age and a passage of time. The wood kiln makes a layered history to the surface, softening information and hinting at what may or may not be underneath.


I find deep satisfaction in working within the limits of function. For me, there is freedom in the structure that use provides. It is always my grounding starting point. There is directness to their intention as they fulfill their lives on counters, in cupboards and dish racks.

It is my hope through form, texture, and color that my work might provide a moment of slowness, comfort and intrigue and provide nourishment whether they are empty or full.

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